Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Reintroduction To Facebook

     So, recently I welcomed myself back into the world of facebook.  I had an account, once upon a time, and was not overly in love with it.  I was getting bombarded with friend requests from people I barely knew, I was getting my "wall" (I didn't even know what the hell a "wall" was) absolutely filled with useless junk I didn't care about, I was getting my e-mail inbox flooded with updates, and I was gonna punch anyone I saw in person who kept inviting me to various groups or to answer a quiz about them.  To avoid this event from occurring, I simply walked away from facebook.

     My introduction back into facebook has been interesting thus far.  I see what is meant by facebook keeping everything!  I fired up my account in February of 2011, and as soon as I logged back in, it was as if I never left.  Every last post, picture and profile moment was sitting there as if I never left (my last post being some time in 2008).  Yup, facebook is just like herpes... that s**t stays with you forever.  Now I can definitely see why you've got to use extreme care and caution while using it.

     In the time since, I've had a chance to reconnect with 3 or 4 friends who I haven't talked to in a while.  Most notably a friend in Alberta and another in Korea.  As it stands yet, I'm not getting overly harassed with any games, groups, or other various invites.  I am still being cautious though.  It'll be interesting to explore the software and trying to find the various uses I can bring into my classroom.  It's only been a week and a half so far, but I'll try to keep all who follow my blog updated on my facebook adventures!!



  1. Tim,
    Interesting and well, graphic analogy of facebook to a certain STD. True though. I had a friend who deleted her account and then came back and was astounded by everything being the exact same. It is a little scary, and is a GREAT reminder of what we are learning in this class about creating a positive online presence. Myself, I deleted my wall in the summer, (to the great depression of my many guy friends who thought it was funny to post absolute rubbish on my wall) and I am very glad I did. I also filter through my friends every once in a while and give a lot of people the snip. It is interesting that I should stumble onto your blog today after reading an article online that George Couros tweeted about. You should check it out.

  2. hahah!! So unless you enjoy Glee, I'm guessing you won't enjoy the link I accidentally posted there! Here is the link to, "Just how offensive is your facebook profile"

  3. Thanks ictiffany, both for the link to the article and to glee. : )

    the funny thing about that is it was probaly just over an hour ago I watched the office on tv. It was Jim & Pam's wedding, and they did the whole glee thing there too

    Anyways, yourself and the article you cited brought up another point I was gonna mention, but forgot to. I just wanted to say that I am in fact guilty of creating a garbage facebook account, which I use strictly to see how much info. about me is seen by other unknown users. I think these ICT classes are making me paranoid!

  4. Facebook is a very good site in order to connect to people that are from a bygone era in life, but in all honesty as much as I understand what it can do, I just don't need something else to pull or take up time. I don't need another site that I feel compelled to check everytime I'm around a computer. I don't doubt it's attractiveness to people, but as for right now I am happy to be a non.member of the facebook nation. It may change, but I'm not in a big hurry at this time. Sometimes I get to wondering if people are that delusional to think that all their updates actually impact the lives of others. Maybe it is just a practice in self importance. Ahh well we'll see what the psychological fallout is from all of this a few years down the road.