Monday, March 7, 2011

My Final Summative Project

     Well, here it is.  The final blog?  No!  Those who know me, know you can't get me to shut up that easily.  Although, this may be my final blog for ICT class, it is not going to be my final blog.  I'm going to take this site in a new direction
                        the only problem is
                                                      I don't know which direction yet    : )

But for a final project in class, I decided to attempt to sum up my entire life in the education program at BU, focusing on the ICT portion of it, in less than 5 minutes.  (That's because gave me a 5 minute max.  lol)  I would just like to close by letting it be known, that these pictures were in fact referenced in my power point presentation, but it was cut off when videoized.
     Those that took the time to read and comment on my blog, I thank you, it was a lot of fun.
But a special thanks goes out to professor Nantais, Mike, thank you very much.  You walked me through both of my ICT classes and through a Math methods course.  These courses were the highlights of my 2 years in education and were among the most useful as well!



  1. Looks good Tim, what a nice use of Screenr! That's a wise use of the knowledge that was imparted to us in class! I actually didn't even think of it. Instead I used a screen capture program to record my screen as I surfed around the web and talked about all the things I have learned!

    Best of luck, although you won't need it ;)

  2. Nice work Tim. Great summary of all the cool tools we've been introduced to in Mike's classes. Too bad you had to go and make my final summative project look pathetic... now I have to try to spruce it up a bit! haha just kidding buddy.

    Nice touch of humour to your project. I enjoyed getting to know you over the last two years, and look forward to keeping in touch via blog and all the other social media we'll cross paths on. Good luck, and have a good one.